Free Father’s Day Printables for Dad’s Gift Basket

IMG_5597 Encourage your dad to eat healthier with a healthy gift basket full of goodies that he will love! This basket that I made for my dad includes wheat bread, salsa, raw cashews, honey, olive oil, beef jerky, banana chips, BBQ rub and peppermints. I bought all of these items from Trader Joe’s. Enjoy these free printable Father’s Day labels from Hydraulic Graphix! Download all 6 by clicking on the link below! Just cut them out and stick them on. I printed on glossy paper and used double sided tape, but you could also print on label stock. To see more items from Hydraulic Graphix, visit my shop on Etsy. Keep an eye out for more free printables available here. Share at #basketofgraphix


Salsa – 8.5 x 2.75
Beef Jerky – 2.5 x 3.25
Honey – 7.5 x 2.5
Cashews – 2.5 x 3.25
Banana Chips – 2.5 x 3.25
Olive Oil – 1.62 x 6.5

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