Love Wins! June 26, 2015 in the United States

“Same-sex marriages are now legal across the entirety of the United States after a historic supreme court ruling that declared attempts by conservative states to ban them unconstitutional.” – The Guardian

Congratulations to the gay community in America on the awesome news that we received this past Friday! We really needed a sign of love in America. Having grown up with gay friends and family, I am so happy that love finally wins, and they have the same rights as heterosexuals do!

“Love is love” – President Obama

In honor of LOVE, here are some of my favorite Etsy items I have come across showing support of the supreme courts decision. All of these items can be easily incorporated into a wedding! Now the question is what to wear to all these gay weddings!

Rustic Rainbow Pride Solid Wood Flag – By: The Vintage Hammer
Love wins bottle koozie – By: Zelsk
Love wins rainbow keyring – By: Zelsk
LOVE WINS Gay Pride T-shirt – By: Daylors
Rainbow American flag LGBT “50 States of Gay” – By: MelGrossArt
Gay Wedding Save the Date – By: Hydraulic Graphix
LoveWins 6.26.2015 Mug – By: Always Faces The Sun
Love Wins Wedding Cake Topper – By: Best Cake Topper Ever
Love Wins Poster – By: Analog Agenda
Love Conquers All Bodysuit – By: beach town baby

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