Odd Little Birdie Etsy Shop

odd little birdie etsy shop

Lindsay Sharpe is the Etsy shop owner of Odd Little Birdie. Also, I am lucky to call her my really good friend. She is a sewer, crafter, designer and lover of the macabre and odd. Yep, we are a lot alike!

Lindsay’s designs are inspired by vintage and retro design, fashion, horror greats, the undead and oddities. Lindsay’s items are all handmade and she takes great care in the details that make her pieces unique! Here is her Etsy shop and Facebook page. Please check out her zombie arm neck pillows (my fave) and horror pillows. This blogger calls them Monster Pillows, and I love what they had to say about them….LOL…..

“It is cute and cartoony and fun. It even has nice “meat” definition on that arm. But I think the seller might be a serial killer. What’s up with that blood all over your mannequin’s face? Damn. Didn’t you ever see Dexter? That’s why you prep the room with clear plastic sheets. Otherwise, the next thing you know you have a bloody mannequin head on Etsy”

Hydraulic Graphix created Lindsay’s logo, business card, booth banner, etsy banner, facebook banner and thank you card. Here are some more pictures for your viewing pleasure!

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