Orange and Gray Hello Baby, Oh Boy, Cloth Diaper Baby Shower

I co-hosted this fantastic baby shower for my wonderful bestie friend, Christi Vance. Orange is her favorite so the shower was orange, yellow and gray. She wanted cloth diapers and accessories specifically so we put Cloth Diaper Baby Shower on the invitation. This shower was so awesome. So many fun things to do and see! The hello baby banner was great for the photo op background. We also used an ornate, empty white frame for a prop in the photos. We had cake pops and lavender tub tea packs for shower favor take home gifts for our guests. Tub Tea Recipe. We bought mini canvases and had a table set up outside with acrylic paint and brushes for guests to paint pictures for the baby’s room. We used orange and yellow daisies with baby’s breath in mason jars with an “Oh Boy” tag. We had a calendar printed of the month of her due date and had everyone guess the due date with a baby feet stamp that I bought from Michael’s Art and Crafts. You can purchase the calendar for your shower that you are planning here. Love the 8 months sober shirt! Find it here!



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