My name is Christi Herman, aka Couch, Printcess or Christmas. I love photography, hiking, fairy gardens, party trays, color palettes, themed parties, being crafty, and traveling to new places. I was born in Meridian, Mississippi. I spent most of my childhood in Meridian and loved it. The friends I had there were as cool as the kids on That 70’s Show. At age 15, I moved to Columbus, GA. I have been a drummer since the sixth grade and was on the drum line at my new high school in Columbus. I loved being on the drum line. Although, I had trouble pin pointing exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up. When it was time for college, I tried for a BFA at Columbus State University. I enjoyed all the classes but a direction was definitely missing. I discovered that I can draw, but to get drawings how I wanted them was just too time consuming. I couldn’t seem to find my niche in any of the art classes there. I ended up quitting before I finished the BFA.

In 2003, I enrolled for the Printing and Graphics Technology program at Columbus Technical College! I immediately knew it was exactly the type of job I would want to pursue. The Printing and Graphics Technology program is a two year, hands-on program. I was designing, stripping, developing plates, running a press and cutting on a guillotine cutter at Columbus Tech before even stepping into a printing company. I already had the experience I needed to get a job right out of school. I was hired as an intern at Allegra Print and Imaging. Allegra Print and Imaging is a small offset and digital printer. They hired me as a full time employee when the internship was up. I was able to expand my printing and graphics skills and established a solid foundation of experience for my journey to Atlanta, Georgia.

Right before leaving Columbus, Georgia, I was hired as a prepress technician at Imaging Technologies in Atlanta, which is now Archway Marketing Services. So, I moved to Atlanta, Georgia and my new life in Atlanta began in 2007. I have worked at Archway for going on 10 years. Archway is a great place to work, learn and stay updated in the printing industry.

After living in Atlanta for about 3 years, I met my husband, Steven, and we started a band. After a few years in the band together, we started dating. We were married May 17, 2014. We live in Roswell, Georgia with our two cats, Cai and Maggie. Steven is an attorney at his own practice called Herman Law Firm. Our band is called Black Leather Jet, which is currently on indefinite hiatus due to life. In addition to playing music, we love traveling, watching tv shows and movies, going to horror cons, health and fitness, hiking, coffee, cats, cooking and spending time with our family and friends.

In 2017, I have become serious about photography and I have made it a creative priority. At first, I thought I might just do wildlife photography, but have decided to also do portrait photography. I love all genres of photography so I will be showing off all of it soon.

“You can’t use up CREATIVITY. The more you use, the more you have.”


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